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Gastroscopy Patient Preparation

If you have made an appointment with us for a gastroscopy procedure, you will need to follow the prescribed preparation instructions below. Proper patient preparation is very important for the procedure to be successful and safe.

General Instructions

The following is a requirement of all endoscopy patients.

Have Someone to Collect You after the Test
Due to the use of anesthetic during our endoscopy procedures, the effects of will make you drowsy and incapable of driving yourself home.

Please arrange for a friend or relative to collect you about one and a half hours after the test, as you cannot drive or leave the hospital on your own.

What to bring with you:

  • Referral from your Doctor
  • Medicare card (Please inform staff when booking if you have no Medicare card, Interim card or reciprocal card)
  • Private insurance card (if applicable)
  • Pensioner/health care card
  • Account payment (Direct Endoscopy accepts MasterCard, Visa or cash and provides EFTPOS facilities to facilitate easy payment of accounts on the day )
  • List of medications
  • Reading glasses (if necessary)

Wear Loose Clothing and Leave Valuables Behind
Please wear light casual clothing and do not bring valuables with you.

Remove Lipstick and Jewellery
Please do not wear lipstick or jewellery.

Remain Under Competent Supervision For 12 Hours
For 12 hours after the procedure, you should remain in the care of a responsible adult and not drive or operate machinery.

IMPORTANT! Do not drink or eat for 6 hours prior to the test!

Avoid alcohol for 24 hours prior to your procedure.
You may take your usual medication with a sip of water no later than 2 hours before the test unless otherwise instructed by your Doctor.

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