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Fructose Intolerance Test

Fructose Intolerance Testing Melbourne

A Fructose Intolerance Test shows how you digest certain carbohydrates or sugars, e.g. lactose or fruit sugar, called ‘fructose’. The test analyses your breath at intervals as you exhale and measures the quantity and pattern of the hydrogen produced. This shows if you have difficulty absorbing fructose.  Any unabsorbed amount passes into your large intestine and causes diarrhoea, gas, flatulence or stomach pain.

What is fructose exactly?

A naturally occurring sugar found in honey, vegetables, fruits and grains, fructose is a single molecular sugar which many people struggle to absorb effectively. This poorly absorbed small carbohydrate is part of FODMAPs – FODMAPs being an acronym for Fermentable Oligosaccharides, Disaccharides, Monosaccharides and Polyols. Other poorly absorbed sugars in FODMAPs are lactose, sorbital, fructans and mannitol.

Fructose and Lactose Intolerance

In approximately 20-30% of individuals, fructose intolerance co-exists with lactose intolerance. You can manage these conditions through a dietetic assessment and specific advice from a reputable health professional.

Tests are similar to those used for lactose intolerance, which both involve procedures using Hydrogen Breath Testing (HBT). The hydrogen produced in our bodies after the bacteria have fermented the poorly absorbed fructose can be detected on a patient’s breath, which makes this an effective and accurate way to measure intolerance. Patients are given a small dose of fructose before the test and their breath tested at intervals to monitor any increase in hydrogen levels.

Are You At Risk?

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Only $50 per Test with Medicare Rebate

At Direct Endoscopy we have a broad range of diagnostic services and we are pleased to offer a variety of hydrogen breath tests for the investigation of intolerance to dietary components, like fructose and lactose.

Are You At Fructose Intolerant?

The symptoms of fructose intolerance are digestive and can appear due to the malabsorption of sugars, and the resultant production of excessive amounts of gas in the large bowel.

These symptoms can include:

  • nausea
  • stomach rumbling
  • bloating
  • wind/burping
  • stomach cramps
  • flatulence (farting)
  • loose stools

When they’ve eaten fructose-containing foods that they’re unable to digest, some people also report other symptoms.

These examples include:

  • fatigue
  • headache
  • dizziness
  • restlessness or irritability
  • cold or heat sensations/tingling

If you’re experiencing a range of these symptoms, we recommend booking a test at Direct Endoscopy today.

Direct endoscopy has provided excellent specialist treatment and endoscopy services for more than 20 years. With three Day Hospitals in Melbourne, Direct Endoscopy is today one of the largest suppliers in Victoria. The specialist gastroenterologist team is committed to the highest quality skill and expertise. Our Specialist consultations are available in all areas of Liver Diseases and Digestive post-endoscopic follow-up.

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Dr David Badov
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