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Our Quality Statement

The staff of Direct Endoscopy are committed to:

Planned outcomes 

  • Providing the best available care to our patients,
  • Working in partnership with our consumers to provide the best available service,
  • Providing the best available service to our doctors,
  • Provide a competitive, affordable and safe health care service to our community,
  • Providing a dynamic environment that assists all staff to be their best.

We are committed to continuously complying with our Management System which is based on National Standards, the international standard for Quality Management and the Australian NSQHS Standards.

We are also committed to continuously improving by lifelong learning, learning from our errors and also learning from others: best practice keeps on changing, and we need to learn and improve what we do in our daily practice.

The processes for planning and change are transparent and affect all team members, whose role and practice are valued contributions to the organisation’s success.

It is critical that all team members:

  • Are educated to the requirements of our management systems
  • Value the process to identify, report, record problems, incidents, complaints and areas requiring improvements
  • Comply with the intent and the content of our management system
  • Feel comfortable to seek advice if unsure of any policy or procedure.

By doing so we will achieve the outcomes identified above.

Please contact me or my office if you have any questions or comments on this policy or its implementation.

Lena Benett
with support from the Board of Management
January 2018

Our 2017 Clinical Indicator Data

If you would like to review our 2017 Clinical Indicator Data, please click here.

We have referenced our data against the National standards and Direct Endoscopy has excelled in comparison, please click here to find the Australasian Clinical Indicator Report (18th Edition) 2009-2016.

If you would like to provide any feedback or commentaries on this data, we welcome you to contact us via email to

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