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Make Time For Life-Saving Bowel Cancer Home Screenings

A recent survey carried out in NSW by the Cancer Institute showed that a massive 40 percent of participants were “too busy” to do the simple home screening bowel cancer test that is mailed to them, a potentially life saving test which is not exactly a fun thing to do, but is nevertheless over with in a few minutes, and simply mailed back. Perhaps afraid of what the result will be, or just not wanting to actually do the test, whatever reason - people are ignoring them, at their own risk. 

Australia has one of the highest rates of bowel cancer in the whole world, with more than 16,000 people being diagnosed each year. Experts are now urging everyone over the age of 50 to complete the home test, in hopes that more bowel cancers are detected earlier in the cancer’s development. Early detection is critical in survival rates from bowel cancer, over 90 percent of early detected cases are treated successfully.

A campaign targeted at people in the 50-74 age bracket urges people to participate in the screening program which is funded by the government, saying “bowel cancer kills the conversation, but it doesn’t have to kill you”. Everyone over 50 in Australia is eligible to receive a free bowel cancer screening kit. 

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Bowel Cancer Often Diagnosed in Later Stages, According To New Data 

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